June 26, 2023

The One that Set the Record.

In this edition of RENNtech Performance Blog, we will dive into the performance development and extraordinary achievements of the RT engineering team and the car that broke the RENNtech Dyno record.

In late January we received a call from a customer who acquired a low mile AMG GT63S Edition One. The customer wanted to know about our GT63 (S) and M177 Engine development, and if it was possible to turn his Edition One into a 9 Second ¼ mile car. This had to be achieved without removing any seats or adding nitrous, and the car needed to run on factory Michelin Pilot Sport 4S street tires, and 93 Octane fuel for daily comfort.

Once the project was outlined and approved, development began at RENNtech headquarters in Stuart, Florida. During several weeks of development and testing in various stages, the results showed promise. The increased flow of air proved to be crucial for the M177 to deliver an astounding 1196 crank HP, 1006.96 WHP, and 935lb of TQ running on 100 Oct Gas.

This is the most powerful RENNtech AMG GT63S in the world, and set a new RENNtech power record by being the first vehicle to break the 1000 WHP mark measured on RENNtech’s Dyno. The Dyno has seen some of the fiercest Mercedes-AMG developments over the past decade, but none had spun the 4-wheel Dyno with this much power.

During road testing, under challenging conditions of a hot Florida day with high humidity and density altitude, the Edition One broke the 10 Second ¼ mile barrier, clocking a quarter-mile time of 9.99 seconds on street tires and no prep. This record setting performance makes it one of the fastest 4-door vehicles ever, and the fastest AMG GT63S Edition One (X290) built by RENNtech.

These cars are quite amazing. The amount of power we have been able to unlock from the M177 engine is incredible, and this development proved how strong the engine can be. With the increased airflow from our carbon fiber airboxes and the right tuning, we were able to gain massive power without compromising usability. Combined with the X290 -chassis, what we have developed is a 1000 WHP Mercedes-AMG that is incredibly fast and perfectly suited for daily driving”.  Said Hartmut Feyhl, President, RENNtech.

With its unrivaled capabilities the Edition One is a testament to the expertise and craftsmanship of RENNtech, as well to the passion of the owner who chose to pursue performance without compromise and chose RENNtech for the development.

My objective was to make a unique one- of-a-kind super car that no one else in the world has, and RENNtech was able to deliver. It’s a special car that I can occasionally take out for a night on the town, to a car show, or an occasional spirited drive.” said the Owner  @ed1t1ongt63s 

What sets RENNtech apart from other tuners is their commitment to transparency & verifiability. They publish information that can be substantiated with Dyno charts and videos, ensuring that every claim is backed by tangible evidence. They also go beyond raw power, prioritizing the performance, safety and reliability of their tuned vehicles on the road”. the Owner continued.

While many aspire to redefine automotive boundaries, this rare RENNtech built AMG GT63 Edition One managed to surpass all expectations, with unrivaled performance steeped in Mercedes-Benz AMG luxury and reliability. With its awe-inspiring performance, this unique AMG GT63 S Edition One stands above the rest and has etched its name to a long list of legendary RENNtechbuilds.

*Due to the high degree of development and tuning, power levels that exceed 1000 WHP are only available through RENNtech headquarters in Stuart, FL. 

June 7, 2023

RENNtech Unveils the 1196 HP Limited Edition Mercedes-AMG GT63 4-Door Coupe RIIIx .


RIIIx : The Most Powerful RENNtech Upgrade Ever1196 HP | 871 LB-FT

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest creation based on the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 RIIIx. With superior power and advanced performance tuning, the limited edition RIIIx is set to claim its place at the top among street-legal 4-door vehicles in the world.

The RIIIx is powered by the Mercedes-AMG twin-scroll M177 BiTurbo V8, producing equipped with RENNtech’s Stage II high-performance turbochargers that feature larger inducer and exducer wheels along with a special core assembly featuring reinforced axial bearings for less rolling resistance and zero lag.

To ensure the engine receives the necessary air flow and fuel supply, the GT63 RIIIx is fitted with an integrated carbon fiber air intake system with a 30% larger filter surface, and high-pressure fuel pumps. The exhaust system features RENNtech stainless-steel high-performance downpipes with free-flow 200 cell catalytic converters and upgraded performance mufflers produced specifically for the AMG GT63.

Thanks to RENNtech’s Transmission Control Unit (TCU) and Powertrain (CPC) upgrades, the RIIIx boasts lightning-fast acceleration, achieving 0-60 mph in 2.44 seconds and 0-100 mph in 5.5 seconds and a quarter-mile time under 10 seconds, the RIIIx was built to blow the all the doors off the competition.

Through an extensive series of tests on the Dynamometer, RENNtech Engineering revised ECU mapping for injection, ignition, and boost pressure control  as well as real-world test drives on the road and at the track. 

The peak output of 1196 HP and 927 LB-FT of torque is produced at 6,200 rpm on 100 octane fuel, and 964 HP and 846 LB-FT of torque on 93 octane fuel. The driver can easily switch between octane ratings using the Hand-Held Tuner, offering the option for maximum power and convenience for daily driving.

The RIIIx’s exterior carbon fiber aero package includes functional styling elements to produce more downforce for improved handling and stability at high speeds and the aesthetics of the GT63. These highly refined aero components were designed by RENNtech and are constructed in the USA using aerospace-grade pre-preg carbon fiber. 

With the record braking power figures, RENNtech Engineering has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation, performance, and design. For a lucky few, the RIIIx is an exceptional vehicle that combines Mercedes-AMG cutting-edge technology and engineering with unparalleled power, making it one of the fastest four-door vehicles on the market.


  • 1196 HP & 927 LB-FT (100 Oct.)
  • 965 HP & 817 LB-FT (93 Oct.)
  • Carbon Fiber Air Boxes
  • Stage II Turbo Upgrade
  • Downpipes with 200 Cell Catalytic Converters
  • Stainless Steel Performance Mufflers
  • ECU Programming
  • Transmission Control Unit programming
  • Powertrain Control Unit programming
  • High Pressure Fuel system
  • Blow Off Valves
  • Hand Held Suspension Module
  • Exhaust Valve Module
  • Heat Exchanger


  • Carbon Fiber Front Splitter and Canards
  • Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  • Carbon Fiber Adjustable Rear Wing with Fixed Base
  • RENNtech RIIIX badging


  • RENNtech RPS 10.2 Forged Aluminum Monoblock wheels
  • Front: 21 x 10.0”
  • Rear: 22 x 12.0”
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S
  • Front: 275/35 ZR 21
  • Rear: 335/25 ZR 22

Carbon Fiber Side Skirts and Forged RPS 10.2 Wheels

Carbon Fiber Rear Wing with Fixed Base

Carbon Fiber Front Splitter with Canards

Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

May 15, 2023

RENNtech Motorsports scores first Podium of the Season

Watch the highlights of Race 1 at NOLA Motorsports Park.

A flawless performance in New Orleans, puts Michael Auriemma and Tommy Johnson and the MB Gram #89 RENNtech AMG GT4 on the podium in the AM Class.

After qualifying in an outstanding P6 in Class, Tommy Johnson started the Sunday race for RENNtech. Johnson pushed hard while avoiding a couple early race scuffles as he was able to survive both Safety Car periods without any incidents.

Tommy Johnson started Race 1 P6 and gained one position before driver change.

At the half way mark, Michael Auriemma took over from Johnson with the car in P5. While steadily increasing his pace, Michael closed the gap to the leading cars. He crossed the checkered flag close to our competitors and steered clear of a few potential incidents. The #89 AMG GT4 finished P3 in class due to 2 post race penalties and scored the first podium for RENNtech Motorsports in 2023.
Michael Auriemma started race.

Michael Auriemma continued the race in P5 and finished P, getting our first podium of the season.

“We had a good weekend - the Team delivered a great car for the race and scoring our first podium feels fantastic! We intend to capitalize on this momentum moving forward, and we’ll be looking for more Podiums at COTA” said Team Manager Sascha Kempter.

RENNtech President Hartmut Feyhl and RENNtech Motorsports Manager Sasha Kempter

Severe weather on Saturday led to delays in the schedule. Due to the nearing sunset, Saturdays Race ultimately had to be postponed and will be made up during Round 6 at Sebring International Raceway Sep 22-24. With only Race 1 in the books, RENNtech Motorsports left NOLA with 15 additional points keeping MB Gram #89 RENNtech Motorsports AMG GT4 in the hunt for the championship.

The next race weekend will be held May 19 – 21, at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX.
For more about the RENNtech Motorsports program, please visit our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

May 9, 2023

RENNtech Open Garage

On the 22nd of April, we hosted our second Open Garage event. We extended an invitation to our  friends, family, and esteemed customers to participate in a unique and engaging experience. The event provided an opportunity to dive into the technical aspects of our projects, while indulging in delicious snacks and refreshing drinks provided by Celsius and Muscle Vodka and the life size Eurosim F1 simulator.

Public events are a part of car culture, and RENNtech company has participated in dozens of shows, events, and happenings over the past year. As we opened our doors to allow visitors to witness our operations up close, our engineers, techs, and product specialists were available to chat and offer insights into the day-to-day workings of our business. Attendees were able to witness our tuning processes with a Ferrari F488 Spider on the dyno, followed by a TechTalk presentation on the performance development of the AMG GT and GT63 models.

The event was a great success, and we received positive feedback from attendees. We would like to thank everyone who attended, and we look forward to welcoming you to our next Open Garage event.

April 11, 2023


Pirelli GT4 America
SONOMA 2023 Wrap Up

SRO’s Pirelli GT4 America -series is one of the most exciting and intense GT -racing series in the world. The 2023 season opener at Sonoma Raceway was no exception, with some of the best GT -teams and drivers from around the world competing for the top spot. The RENNtech Motorsports team along with drivers Michael Auriemma and Thomas Johnson, was fully geared up to deliver a dominant performance with the MB Gram RENNtech Motorsports #89 AMG GT4.

The weekend started off with practice sessions, where both drivers had a chance to show their potential and posting an impressive lap time of 1:49:781 in the second session. The team's engineers worked hard to fine-tune the car for the qualifying rounds where Tommy Johnson posted a 1:48:258 lap time good enough for P26 overall in a grid of 43 cars.

Race 1 was a thrilling display of door-to-door racing in one of the most scenic raceways in America. After a bumpy start, the 60-minute-long race ran its course without major incidents, with Michael Auriemma bringing the car across the finish line P15 in class.

Race 2 brought the same intensity to the track. Starting from P36 overall Michael Auriemma drove a clean first stint, handing over the reins to Tommy Johnson midway of the race. After a crash brought on a full course yellow at the final minutes of the race, Tommy Johnson secured a P6 in class.

The team and drivers showed their ability to compete at the highest level, with the MB Gram RENNtech Motorsports #89 AMG GT4 proving to be very quick on the grid. The team's engineers and mechanics also demonstrated their skills, keeping the car running smoothly throughout the weekend.

In conclusion, the opening of the Pirelli GT4 America series at the Sonoma Raceway was a thrilling event, showcasing the growing popularity of GT -racing in America. The RENNtech team put up a strong performance in this very demanding race. Each race is a great experience which helps us get even stronger. We can't wait for the next heat at NOLA Motorsports Park, April 29 – 31.
Let’s race!

April 4, 2023

Project G - RENNtech Classic Performance

Classic restoration is becoming a significant part of RENNtech’s craft. The iconic G Wagen, in particular, holds a special place in the heritage of Mercedes-Benz. What you see is 1993 Mercedes-Benz G Class X461; a military vehicle that served for the Swiss Army.

In 2018, a client of ours imported this vehicle from the Netherlands, where it had undergone partial restoration and repaint in classic M.B. China Blue (934). Furthermore, the car had been fitted with a range of new components, including suspension, top, and a set of wheels, to bolster its aesthetic appeal.

Built for military purpose and off road travel, the Gelande Wagen (German terminology for G Wagen), was in a good shape but was severely underpowered for modern daily driving. Dyno tested at RENNtech, the 2.3-liter 4-cylinder M102 produced 70 WHP which good for traversing backroads of the Austrian alps, but not enough accelerate and keep up with South Florida highway traffic, so the owner turned to us create something more powerful for enjoyable and safe daily driving.

Being familiar with improving the performance and driving characteristics of G Class, we chose the rock-solid M.B. 5.5 liter M113 V8 -engine with 350 HP, and matching it to a 722.6 G 5 speed automatic for modern day performance.

The military purpose truck base is much different from road going vehicles, and the “little blue truck” will need several updates and modifications to fit the new powerplant and drivetrain, before the focus can shift to the development of a bespoke interior tailored to this vehicle.

Stay tuned!

Removing the original 2.3-liter 4-cylinder M102
Mercedes-AMG M113 5.5 -liter V8
G-Wagen ready to receive more power.
New motor mounts are part of fitting the V8 in place of the 4 -cylinder.

February 15, 2023

RENNtech Power Module for Range Rover

Known for Mercedes-Benz AMG performance tuning, RENNtech’s Power Module (RPM) now offers the same powerful ECU tuning for a wide range of European Luxury and Performance vehicles.

The most recent addition to the list of RENNtech tuned vehicles is the 2023 Land Rover Range Rover. Powered by a 4.4 liter Twin Turbo V8 the factory published power figures are 523 HP and 553 LB FT of torque. Tested on the DYNO at RENNtech, the Range Rover produced 588 HP and 650 LT-FT of torque, 65 HP and 97 LB-FT more power than advertised.

The RPM is a “piggy-back” style ECU upgrade designed to pull additional power from the engine by adjusting fuel-to-air ratio, ignition timing, and throttle mapping through RENNtech’s proprietary software.

With RENNtech’s software, the Range Rover engine produces an additional +57 HP and 40 LB FT of torque at the crank, delivering a totalof 654 HP and 690 LB-FT of torque!

With tune installed, the Range Rover feels equally smooth as before, but is quicker from the start with a stronger pull at higher speeds. Most noticeable are the pulls between 60 and 130 mph where the 5500+ lbs Range Rover needs it the most.

The RPM is designed for daily driving and comes with RENNtech’s standard 2 year product warranty. Installing the RPM is straightforward and can be done within 2-3 hours by one of RENNtech’s Dealers, or, if mechanically inclined with proper tools the install can be done at home.

The Range Rover sits at the top of the luxury SUV food chain, and with RENNtech’s Power upgrade the Rover inches closer to AMG GLS 63 in performance.


January 24, 2023

2023 Supercar Week

Supercar Week 2023 West Palm Beach.

SuperCar Week 2023 was nine days of automotive events hosted throughout Palm Beach County. This year the weeklong series of events culminated at the Grand Finale on the West Palm Beach Waterfront, with over 100,000 enthusiasts gathering to participate in the excitement.

RENNtech AMG GT Development Vehicle. 

RENNtech showed up in force, staking a claim on the lawn for modern and classics Mercedes-Benz and a selection of pre-merger AMG’s. Visitors got up close and personal with RENNtech Development Vehicles, the AMG GT and CLS 53 AMG, while our Engineer’s were on hand answering questions and talking cars.

RENNtech Development Car, CLS 53 AMG.

The gullwing doors of the SLR McLaren, one in silver and another 722 -version in black, were showstoppers and are destined to draw a crowd anywhere these very special vehicles show up. The SLR “super grand tourers” still look striking among the super and hyper cars of today. 

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 edition.

RENNtech Classics received a great amount of attention and as a result started fascinating conversations between Hartmut Feyhl and visitors. With the growing interest in pre-merger AMG vehicles, RENNtech has become the destination for collectors who are looking to bring back the performance of these iconic machines.

The Originals. Hartmut Feyhl and 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300 E 6.0 AMG "Hammer" 

This year we were lucky to bring the original E300 6.0 AMG “Silver Hammer” which was restored and repowered at RENNtech in 2022. The Hammer was flanked by a 560 SEL 6.0 AMG, and a fully restored 560 SEC 6.0 Widebody.

RENNtech Classics restored 560 SEC 6.0 Widebody

These special vehicles got to share a ride with RENNtech Motorsports #89 MB Gram AMG GT4 in the Motorsports Team trailer. Part of the Race Village, the AMG GT4 was resting on the lawn in front of mega yachts enjoying the cool and sunny day before heading to pre-season testing for the upcoming SRO GT4 America -season.

RENNtech Motorsports #89 MB Gram AMG GT4 Racecar

Big shoutout to the everyone at RENNtech that worked hard and brought their best to the show, and all the men and women who brought a great variety of extraordinary cars to make this show a success. None of this would have been possible without the exceptional work of Neil London, SuperCar Week President and Executive Producer. 

It was a pleasure to exchange views and thoughts with other car enthusiasts, and we are already looking forward to next year!

January 10, 2023

RENNtech x Öhlins: Performance for Mercedes-Benz AMG G -class

The previous W463 G-class gained great popularity in North America and remains a bastion on the luxury SUV market three decades after its 1990 debut. The iconic design combined with Mercedes-Benz reliability has made the early G’s highly sought after on the secondary market. However, the military-purpose chassis design does have serious limitations when it comes to road handling and modern-day traffic at high speeds. 

Working together with Öhlins, the engineers at RENNtech set out to create the best possible two-way adjustable suspension for the G Wagen. Utilizing Öhlins’ patented STX-technology for a smoother, more controlled, and enjoyable ride, the goal was to improve on the handling without sacrificing offroad capabilities or comfort. 

The new suspension offers individual compression and rebound adjustments which allows the driver to tailor the ride quality to their specific needs and style of driving. Whether commuting along highways or back roads, the suspension provides superior ride quality under all conditions. 

The kit is based on the proven Öhlins 16/46 shock absorbers and is designed for original ride height using OEM springs. Tested over thousands of miles of different road types and surfaces, RENNtech has created recommended settings for off-road and on-road comfort, delivering highest possible performance and modern driving feel for the 1990 – 2018 W436 G-Class. 

  • Fitment Mercedes-Benz AMG W463 G-Wagen MY 1990 – 2018
  • Öhlins ORQ 16/46 Off-Road technology
  • 46mm piston for best performance - comfort and chassis control
  • Separate compression and rebound damping adjustment
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Two way adjustability – compression and rebound damping forces
  • Piggy Back reservoir on the cord
  • Dust covers
  • Works with original springs
  • Possible modification of the shock absorber for increased suspension travel
  • Serviceability
  • Corrosion resistance (ISO 9227)
RENNtech x Öhlins Shock Absorber for Mercedes-Benz G Wagen.

Öhlins’ patented STX-technology.
Quick two-way adjustability.

December 27, 2022

RENNtech Testing for 2023 SRO Season at Sebring Raceway.

RENNtech Motorsports #89 AMG GT4 at Sebring Raceway December, 2022

With the start of the 2023 SRO Pirelli GT4 America and GT America Powered byAWS -season approaching, RENNtech Motorsports Team completed testing with the RENNtech Motorsports MB Gram #89 AMG GT4 at Sebring Raceway on December 16th, 2022.

Drivers Thomas Johnson and Michael Auriemma used the opportunity to get familiar with the performance and handling of the AMG GT4 -machine, while the team was monitoring performance and working on car set up.

Cool conditions prevailed on track early Friday morning causing a few cars to slip off track and cutting the first session short. As the day got warmer and the drivers were dialed-in to the capabilities of the Mercedes-AMG GT4, lap times kept on improving.

“Sebring is a serious test for both drivers and the car. The uneven surface of Sebring Raceway is the ideal place for drivers to get familiar with the vehicle on a track and for the Team to perform a shake-down of the car. Track day testing as a great opportunity for us to see in which direction are we going before the upcoming season.” Said Sascha Kempter, RENNtech Motorsports Team Director.

The season opener of the GT America Powered by AWS kicks-off in St. Petersburg, March 3rd, while the SRO Pirelli GT4 America -series will start at Sonoma Raceway, March 30th.

September 20, 2022

30 Years of Power – RENNtech S76R

Powered by a 615 hp, 7.6 -liter M120 V12 engine, the S76R is the most powerful naturally aspirated V12 built by RENNtech and the largest displacement on record for the Mercedes Benz M120.

2022 RENNtech S76R 

Building the perfect W140.

In 1992 RENNtech turned out the first performance versions of the Mercedes-Benz M120 V12 -engine. Bored and stroked to a displacement of 7.4-liters and with up to 585 hp of power, these super engines found their way to the RENNtech SL 74 (R129), CL 74 (C140), and the S 74 (W140) through the 1990's.

Fast forward 30 years and RENNtech is following the same blueprints from an era of naturally aspirated and over-engineered luxury by turning a 1992 600 SEL into a 2022 RENNtech S76R through a complete restoration, re-power and interior re-fit.

1997 RENNtech SL 74 

Power: RENNtech bored and stroked the 6.0-liter V12 to an astounding 7.6 -liters, resulting in the largest M120 V12 -engine to date. With the addition of lightweight pistons, titanium connecting rods, beehive springs and titanium retainers for improved spring rate and lighter mass, AMG performance cams, ported heads, custom built airboxes, larger injectors, and fitted with a MY 96 ME-1 engine management system complete with rebuilt wiring harness and RENNtech ECU Performance Tune, the S76R engine is also the most powerful N/A M120 -engine built by RENNtech.

Rated at 615 hp and 703 lb-ft of torque, the M120 -engine produces 213 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque over the stock 6.0-liter (402 hp / , 80 hp more than the ultra rare AMG 7.3-liter found in the SL 73 AMG, S 73 AMG, and CL 73 AMG, and just shy of the 631 hp Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR super car.

Through an extremely labor intense process, the 1992 600 SEL was upgraded to model year 1996 engine management (ME-1) system to fit an RENNtech upgraded 722.6 electronic 5-speed transmission connected to an OS Giken Limited Slip differential. The combination greatly improves power delivery and drivability beyond what the original 4-speed transmission and differential could offer and handle.

7.6 -liter V12 (M120) 605 hp and 715 lb-ft of torque

The S76R features a bespoke braking system utilizing 402 mm (F) and 360 mm (R) Carbon Ceramic discs with 6-piston front and 4-piston rear AMG brake calipers with custom aluminum hats and brackets is connected to an 2nd generation ABS system. The new brake system weighs nearly 3/4 less than the original system and creates incredible stopping power for the S-Class. The large brakes were fitted inside one-of-a-kind RENNtech Classics forged aluminum wheels measuring 19 x 9 (F) and 19 x 10.5 (R) with 285 wide rear tires for additional traction and grip, while shorter coil-springs and a 2nd generation ADS -system were added to improve the handling qualities.

S76R Carbon Ceramic Brake System with 6-piston calipers and 402 mm front discs.

To improve the exhaust flow equal length stainless steel headers, a full-length stainless steel exhaust system with sport catalytic converters and quad mufflers were added. The system gives the naturally aspirated S76R a powerful yet refined sound, which at wide open throttle sounds race-car aggressive and at low speeds hums a muted tune, barely loud enough to be noticed inside the cabin.

Forged 19 in. aluminum wheels custom made for S76R 

Exterior: On the exterior, the S-Class body received AMG ground effects all around, along with RENNtech designed trunk lip spoiler with 3rd brake light, front splitter, and louvered side moldings. Keeping with a low-key style, the lowered stance, large wheels, and dual tip exhaust, offer clues that the black S76R is more than a stately sedan.

Interior: The original interior was completely overhauled with new seats, diamond stich upholstery, carbon fiber inlays, Alcantara headliner, a leather dash and center console, re-covered leather and carbon steering wheel, shifter, and new carpeting. The original rear bench seat was converted to the four-passenger option featuring individual adjustable rear seats, all interior lights were replaced, and the sound system was replaced by a new smartphone compatible head-unit and re-coned speakers.

Custom made interior for S76R.

Outside of the upgraded parts, the 1992 S-Class was restored in every detail. Bushings and ball joints, door lock and soft close actuators, brake lines, new HVAC ventilation pods, hydraulic suspension accumulators, oil cooler, evaporator, heater core, and other worn parts were replaced to make the S76R as good as brand new.

S76R Badging and RENNtech trunk lip spoiler.

With RENNtech’s engine and performance upgrades, the S76R holds its own among contemporary luxury sedans with 0-60 mph acceleration in the low 5 seconds and enough torque to move the 4800 lb. S-Class easily to the 155 mph mark. The added power gives the S76R a highly responsive feel, resulting in a car that drives much lighter and nimbler than the tank-like 600 SEL. 30 years later the interior ergonomics still feel first class, with large dual-paned windows, sizeable seats, and a vault like ambiance and enough space to seat four individuals in true comfort.

30 years after the first RENNtech M120 powered Mercedes-Benz hit the market, the S76R RENNtech adds a chapter to Merceds-Benz W140 S-Class and M120 -engine history. And for those fortunate enough to commission a dream build of this scale, RENNtech Classics holds the blueprints to make the dream a reality.

1992 600 SEL RENNtech S76R built in 2022.

The powerful yet understated profile of the S76R.

S76R interior with diamond stitched upholstery and carbon fiber trim.

Individual adjustable rear seats of the S76R.

RENNtech stainless steel exhaust tips.

RENNtech S76R carbon fiber trim.