December 12, 2017

RENNtech SHATTERS ANOTHER WORLD RECORD | Supercar in Sedan’s Clothing RENNtech E63 S AMG

RENNtech’s first shot at improving the spectacular Mercedes AMG E-Class took the impressive Sports-Sedan to the next level with ONLY  ECU (Engine Control Unit) software tuning.

Delivered from the factory in Affalterbach with over 600 HP the AMG E63 goes from 0-60 in 3.3 seconds.    

With the upgraded software, RENNtech was able to gain more than 80 HP and 80 LB-FT over stock to bring the power of the 4.0L V8 Twin-Scroll BiTurbocharged engine up to 773 HP and 778 LB-FT.

With ECU alone RENNtech was able to break the record for the world’s fastest street legal E63 AMG in the 1/4mile in 10.685 seconds @ 130 mph. The RENNtech E63 is now able to go from 0-60 mph in 2.79 seconds and from 0-100 mph in 6.61 seconds, while doing the sprint from 60-130 mph in 8.27 seconds. All this without physically modifying engine or exhaust parts.

RENNtech set this world-record on their brand-new forged performance wheel, the RENNtech Performance Series. Developed in collaboration with Vossen Wheels, the RPS is 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in Florida, USA. Every wheel is developed specifically for one vehicle application; the wheels of the RPS are wider than stock to improve traction and still are able to reduce weight. All wheels are forged out of the highest-graded aerospace T6-6061 Aluminium.

Stay tuned for RENNtech’s future gains with the Exhaust and Turbocharger upgrades!

December 7, 2017

RENNtech E63 S AMG 4MATIC+ ECU Upgrade 773HP | 778 LB-FT

is proud to release their ECU Upgrade
for the 213 - E63 S AMG 4MATIC+

Maximum Power Output:
773 HP 778 LB-FT @ crank
665 whp 669 wtq @ wheel

Gains up to: +82 HP +84 LB-FT

0-60 mph: 2.79 sec
0-100 mph: 6.61 sec
60-130 mph: 8.27 sec
1/4mile: 10.88 sec @129 mph

*Performed on non-prepped asphalt and with OEM, Street-Legal and/or Non-Performance tires.

Data measured with Racelogic Performance Box.

RENNtech has been at the forefront of ECU tuning since electronic engine management started to show up in vehicles during the mid 1980s! Our experience, countless hours of in-house research, development and exhaustive testing ensure that our proprietary ECU upgrade offers incredible performance gains and rock solid daily driver reliability.

RENNtech tuning software for Mercedes offers significant gains in horsepower and torque across the vehicle's entire power band. By modifying ignition timing and throttle mapping, optimizing air-to-fuel ratios, increasing the engine's rev limiter and modifying boost mapping for turbo-charged vehicles, RENNtech performance software unleashes the true potential of your Mercedes.
With the proprietary RENNtech ECU Tuning the W213 - E63 AMG S 4MATIC+ gains up to +82 HP and +81LB-FT, based on power numbers measured by RENNtech. Please note that the Mercedes M177 engine performance when measured, obtains higher numbers than rated from factory. The maximum power number reached with the RENNtech ECU Upgrade for the E63 AMG S 4MATIC+ is 773 HP and 778 LB-FT.

*Note: Mercedes M177 engine performance when measured on the dyno obtains higher power numbers than rated from factory. Performance numbers published by MBUSA are a calculated average within a specific rpm range, which obviously result in lower power numbers than at the peak. HP and TQ gains calculated by RENNtech are always based on peak stock results measured by RENNtech and upgraded peak results measured by RENNtech.

November 11, 2017

RENNtech AMG GT R The Orange Beast

Developed in the Green Hell and redefined in the Sunshine State; introducing the
RENNtech R3 Mercedes-AMG GT R.

AMG, set new standards in the daily-driver luxury-supercar class with their second fully in-house developed vehicle. Based on the AMG GT, the R Version has been re-developed to feel at home on the world’s most demanding race tracks.

Mercedes-AMG equipped the AMG GT R with bigger turbochargers, now producing 577 HP and 516 LB-FT. Also included is a first-ever 9-mode Traction Control System that allows the driver to adjust the traction control on the fly, depending on driving conditions. For more aggressive cornering AMG added active rear-axle steering, which allows for either high-speed corner stability or a smaller turning radius, depending on the driving speed.

To accommodate the added performance upgrades, Mercedes-AMG refined the exterior and aerodynamics of the vehicle. The track width is increased thanks to 57mm wider fenders, aggressive active aerodynamics integrated in the front- and rear-bumper and the panamericana grille, inspired by the AMG GT3 race-car. The AMG Performance Exhaust gives an extra aggressive roar through the central exhaust outlet when racing through the Green Hell.

RENNtech, determined to redefine these improvements, worked their usual magic and the AMG GT R evolved into to the ‘Orange-Beast’. RENNtech’s R3-Performance Package includes ECU Upgrade, BOV Adapters, High-Flow Air Filters and Stage II upgraded Turbochargers. To push the 4.0L V8 BiTurbo to new heights, RENNtech modified the OEM turbocharger core to fit a larger compressor, larger turbine wheel and equipped them with improved, more robust bearings. The R3 AMG GT R now produces 761 HP and 632 LB-FT, gains of up to +152HP and +91LB-FT. Launching from 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds and passing the ¼ mile in 10.7 seconds at an incredible 136mph, all on a non-prepped road surface with the OEM Michelin Cup Sport 2 tires.

All products have been tested and developed by RENNtech, the premier AMG specialist since 1989. R-Line Performance packages are available for all Mercedes-Benz models as well as other European brands.

September 28, 2017

Mercedes-Benz R1 - G 550 4x4² | RENNtech’s Ultimate Off-Road Machine

The ultimate off-roading machine: the Mercedes-Benz G 550 4x42. With a wide-body, portal axles and three lockable differentials, this monster has more ground clearance and can take on more terrain than ever!

Taken from the G 63 AMG 6x6, the portal axles give the 4x42 an astonishing 450 millimeters of ground clearance. There is no obstacle too large for this vehicle as it boasts a permanent all-wheel drive powertrain and lockable differentials while on the move.

While the G 550 4x42 does possess a 4.0 V8 biturbo engine, it needs some tweaking to make the amazing performance capabilities shine through. Luckily, RENNtech knows how to make this tank drive the way it should.

RENNtech’s ECU tune alone made a noticeable difference, with gains of up to 102 HP and 128 Ft-Lb of torque at the crank. But the beast needed more so a BOV adapter and downpipes were also installed. Horsepower and driving performance increases made by RENNtech have brought this notable G- Class to its fuller potential.

June 30, 2017

RENNtech Powered 4th of July Line-Up

RENNtech commemorates the 4th of July and outperforms the best fireworks with its Red, White and Blue AMG GT S display.  The world-renowned Mercedes-Benz high-performance tuner pumps up the power of  this trio to a combined 2100+ HP!

All three of these AMG GT S’s are equipped with the RENNtech R2 Package. Each of the 700+ HP upgrades have been performed by Aristocrat Motorcars, RENNtech’s elite dealer in Kansas City, Missouri.

To push the 4.0L BiTurbo V8 up to 716 HP and 656 LB-FT, two fully re-worked and upgraded turbochargers with bigger compressor wheels have been fitted. In order to make the improved turbochargers work perfectly with Mercedes-AMG’s latest engine, RENNtech flashed the ECU with their latest software upgrade.

These Star and Stripes inspired AMG GT S’s not only impress with their power, but also with their sound. Featuring stainless steel downpipes with 200 cell sport catalytic converters, which are 100% designed and handcrafted in the U.S. by RENNtech. Combined with the plug’n’play BOV adapter kit, in order to give the cars the unique turbo blow-off sound, these AMG GT S’s are fully equipped with the incredible RENNtech R2 package and ready to blow you away!

May 16, 2017

Mercedes CLK GTR | A True Supercar Unicorn

What defines a true Supercar nowadays? Exotic Looks, Power, Exclusivity. When Mercedes-AMG set out to succeed in the FIA GT1 class in 1997, they were required to build a road version of their race-car. This led to the creation of one of the most iconic Supercars, often referred to as the ‘Unicorn’.

So, what makes the CLK GTR a true supercar?
Exotic Looks? Mercedes-AMG’s Motorsport specialist HWA (named after AMG Co-Founder Hans Werner Aufrecht), who built the race-car made only slight changes to the road version. A few of the adjustments included; a fixed rear wing, increased ground clearance and an interior equipped with airbags, electronics and an A/C system.

Power? The standard CLK GTR coupe is equipped with a 6.0L V12 Mercedes engine, producing 623 HP and 539 LB-FT. As if this wasn’t enough, HWA released a SuperSport edition where they upgraded to a 7.3L V12 Mercedes-AMG engine. The CLK GTR SS raises the power output to 655 HP and 580 LB-FT. A sprint to 60mph only takes 3.4 sec and runs a ¼ mile in 9.6 sec with a trap-speed of 145mph, all from a standing start. An impressive 320km/h / 199mph is possible in the CLK GTR.

Exclusivity? After Mercedes-AMG initially built two Prototypes (which were later turned into road legal versions) and 7 race cars, they only manufactured 27 road legal vehicles. Six of those were roadster variants, which were built without a roof and two right-hand drive vehicles, both exclusively built for the Sultan of Brunei (one coupe and one roadster). The special SuperSport edition, equipped with the 7.3L Mercedes-AMG engine, was only produced three times. Therefore, you can clearly define the CLK GTR as a true Unicorn.

At the time of the release, the price of the Mercedes-AMG CLK GTR was over $1.5 million, making it the most expensive production car of its time. The Mercedes-AMG CLK GTR is one of the most unique and timeless Supercars to date. RENNtech has been putting one of the three CLK GTR SS through their test, including road course laps at Palm Beach International Raceway. Full performance analysis and video will be released soon. In between testing, the CLK GTR SS is presented at the RENNtech HQ showroom.

If you are lucky enough to ever see one in person, make sure to value the moment. A unicorn does not appear too often.

Pictures by William Stern