November 11, 2017

RENNtech AMG GT R The Orange Beast

Developed in the Green Hell and redefined in the Sunshine State; introducing the
RENNtech R3 Mercedes-AMG GT R.

AMG, set new standards in the daily-driver luxury-supercar class with their second fully in-house developed vehicle. Based on the AMG GT, the R Version has been re-developed to feel at home on the world’s most demanding race tracks.

Mercedes-AMG equipped the AMG GT R with bigger turbochargers, now producing 577 HP and 516 LB-FT. Also included is a first-ever 9-mode Traction Control System that allows the driver to adjust the traction control on the fly, depending on driving conditions. For more aggressive cornering AMG added active rear-axle steering, which allows for either high-speed corner stability or a smaller turning radius, depending on the driving speed.

To accommodate the added performance upgrades, Mercedes-AMG refined the exterior and aerodynamics of the vehicle. The track width is increased thanks to 57mm wider fenders, aggressive active aerodynamics integrated in the front- and rear-bumper and the panamericana grille, inspired by the AMG GT3 race-car. The AMG Performance Exhaust gives an extra aggressive roar through the central exhaust outlet when racing through the Green Hell.

RENNtech, determined to redefine these improvements, worked their usual magic and the AMG GT R evolved into to the ‘Orange-Beast’. RENNtech’s R3-Performance Package includes ECU Upgrade, BOV Adapters, High-Flow Air Filters and Stage II upgraded Turbochargers. To push the 4.0L V8 BiTurbo to new heights, RENNtech modified the OEM turbocharger core to fit a larger compressor, larger turbine wheel and equipped them with improved, more robust bearings. The R3 AMG GT R now produces 761 HP and 632 LB-FT, gains of up to +152HP and +91LB-FT. Launching from 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds and passing the ¼ mile in 10.7 seconds at an incredible 136mph, all on a non-prepped road surface with the OEM Michelin Cup Sport 2 tires.

All products have been tested and developed by RENNtech, the premier AMG specialist since 1989. R-Line Performance packages are available for all Mercedes-Benz models as well as other European brands.