October 22, 2008


A few weeks ago, Mercedes-Benz issued a press release announcing that it would be hosting a tuner build-off at this year's SEMA show, pitting RENNTECH against 3 other well-known tuning firms. The winner of the build-off will be decided by popular vote on November 4, when the cars will be revealed to the industry at SEMA.

RENNTECH's entry has been covered HERE and HERE, but you have the chance to get a "sneak peak" at RENNTECH's rally dominator now - by visiting www.MBUSA.com/GLK. Click on the highlighted buttons (as shown, below) to make your way to the build videos.

CLICK HERE to jump to the site.

STEP 1: CLICK ON "Watch the Videos"

STEP 2: CLICK ON "Meet the SEMA Tuners"


Enjoy the videos - and remember: vote early, vote often, vote RENNTECH!

October 21, 2008


RENNTECH's new ECU upgrade for Smart Fortwo improves the Smart's power (to 74 hp) and throttle response across the rpm range for better acceleration and noticeably improved shifting. Top speed limiter is removed.

MSRP $795

Contact RENNTECH for more information.

October 20, 2008


--- from eMercedesBenz, CLICK HERE for original article.

That metallic tenorite gray Mercedes-Benz GLK 320 CDI pictured above is the first of the new SUV range to find a home with a private customer, and to commemorate the GLK's historic launch, plant manager Peter Schabert handed over the keys to the new SUV personally at the Customer Center of Mercedes' Bremen plant. During the event, Peter noted "The GLK is our most important new model this year. It is the first compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) from Mercedes-Benz and the first Mercedes-Benz SUV ‘Made in Bremen’, so I am particularly delighted to personally hand over the first GLK to its owner. I am sure she will be impressed by its unmistakable look, outstanding performance - on and off the road - and its safety and comfort."

October 17, 2008


--- from Car, CLICK HERE for original article.

Britain's Car magazine recently published a peek of what they're calling Mercedes' "next-generation" of personal luxury coupe offerings - with the CLK and CL nameplates headed for extinction. Click the link above to learn more.

October 15, 2008


--- from Autofiends, CLICK HERE for the original article.

With Hartmut/RENNTECH's close ties to AMG and the role he plays in the American chapter of AMG lore, I thought this 'Fiends article might be very appropriate on the RENNTECH news blog.

For those not "in the know", AMG's Hammer was a run-of-the-mill 300E with a 5.6-liter 4 valve V8 under its hood. This combination could achieve 60 mph in a tick over 5 seconds, run the quarter-mile in 13.5 seconds on its way to a terminal velocity of 186 mph - faster than the contemporary Porsche 928, Aston Vantage, Ferrari Testarossa, and Lambo Countach ... and AMG's Hammer started every time.

October 14, 2008


We just returned from this weekend's Festivals of Speed events in Orlando. As always, Joe Sabatini always throws a first class party, and the cars - from one of the very first Lambos to an original Maserati birdcage - almost too much to take in.

Special thanks to Colum at Modified Luxury and Exotics for sponsoring us at the show, and to Dennis at Exotic Motorcars for allowing us to show his beautiful RENNTECH SL65.

October 10, 2008


New photo of a RENNTECH modified Bentley Continental GTC. As shown, the car features RENNTECH's latest ECU software upgrade for the Conti, delivering 620 HP and over 560 LB-FT of torque!

- √úBERBALLER rims
- RENNTECH digital lowering module

October 2, 2008


--- from LeftLaneNews, CLICK HERE for original article and gallery.

Left Lane News (sister site of MACNN, Electronista, etc.) just posted some original photos of what will eventually be the CLK's successor - the Mercedes-Benz Concept Fascination.

Previously covered, the thinly-veiled concept shows off the new "face" of Mercedes' E-sized lineup.