March 9, 2009

RENNTECH E55 | 11.21

I just received this great video from one of our customers driving his RENNTECH E55 AMG to a very quick 11.21 second quarter-mile.

The timeslip is posted on Dragtimes. Enjoy!

March 6, 2009


Not content to sit on the sidelines while the world watches Ferrari, RUF, and others debut their new supercars, Mercedes-Benz release a full, 35 picture gallery of hi-res "spy" photos of their upcoming SLC/SLS "gullwing" supercar. The SLR McLaren successor promises to be just as fast as the outgoing SLR, addressing that car's weight issues and being more "true" to Mercedes' heritage.

RENNTECH will have tuning upgrades available at the time of launch. Contact RENNTECH for more information.

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