February 19, 2009


2009 marks two special birthdays: it is RENNTECH's 20th year in business and the G wagen's 30th year of production! As previously mentioned HERE, RENNTECH is celebrating its 20 years of tuning excellence with a series of extremely limited-production specials that set new industry standards for Mercedes-Benz performance tuning.

The concept shown makes use of a RENNTECH-tuned Mercedes-Benz CDI Diesel, which makes almost 400 lb-ft of torque in production tune. Final output TDB.

As with RENNTECH's GLK hybrid rally-racer and 777 SLR renderings, these were done by Platune Design.

February 16, 2009

RENNTECH C63 | 11.654

Last week, some of our RENNTECH customers spent some time running a pair of RENNTECH-tuned AMGs down Palm Beach International's new 1/4 mile drag strip - and the results were impressive: an 11.654 time at over 120.70 mph on Nitto Invo street tires!

Watch for the timeslip below to get posted on to Dragtimes in the coming days, as well as slips from the E55 AMG that came along, and was kind enough to take some pics for us.

February 11, 2009


The recently mis-named Autoweek website recently posted new spy photos of Mercedes-Benz' upcoming SLC gullwing revival, which is set to become the company's successor to the SLR McLaren.

We are big fans of the SLR, and these latest images show some very SLR-like taillamps and rear fenders ... all good things.

CLICK HERE for the original gallery, and expect to see the finished car at Geneva in March.

February 4, 2009


RENNTECH's new $3995 performance PKG1 for the 05-08 SLK 350 boosts the output of the 268 hp V6 to over 300 hp. That's 40 horsepower for under $4000!

This level of performance and torque comes from new RENNTECH headers and a RENNTECH ECU upgrade, which also raises the car's top speed from the factory-limited 155 mph to over 170 mph. As the copy above states: this package will change the way you look at Mercedes' 350 series cars.

Currently available for 05-08 SLK350 and GLK350

February 2, 2009


RENNTECH was once again a part of the Pine School's "100 years of cars" auto show, where we displayed our 2008 SEMA award-winning GLK hybrid rally-racer.

The GLK (above) was in good company, with several unique exotics and historic automobiles also in attendance, including Enzo Ferrari's own Alfa Romeo road car (below) as well as an authentic Berger F1 Ferrari and the first Alfa Romeo 8C to land in Florida.