December 22, 2008


Mercedes' recently unveiled SLR McLaren "Sterling Moss" Speedster certainly delivers on the hype (visually, at least), and the car's performance stats promise to deliver on the road as well, with 650 hp powering the lightest, most extreme road-going SLR model to date.

As soon as we have one on our dyno, you can bet we'll post the results. Enjoy the video!

December 19, 2008


For the Mercedes /AMG-enthusiast who has it all, RENNTECH has announced a new line of limited-slip differentials just in time for the holidays.

Founded by ex-AMG technical director Hartmut Feyhl, RENNTECH has built a solid reputation by delivering useable, real-world performance since 1989, and these new diffs (a RENNTECH-only component produced by OS Giken) continue RENNTECH's nearly 20-year tradition of tuning excellence.

"This new differential is very unique, and different from anything that has been available up to now," explains Feyhl. "First, the OS Giken diff. is a true 100% locking differential, and because it uses significantly more friction surfaces internally, there is a very smooth transmission of power to the inside wheel at the track with virtually no noise and chatter on the road."

RENNTECH's new rear differentials are based on OS Giken's line of Super-Lock LSD, which functions as a traditional open diff. in low and normal-load situations, transforming smoothly into a 100% fully locking diff. as loads rise. Hartmut raves about the new unit, calling it "the smoothest and quietest limited-slip I have ever driven - very much like factory. This diff. makes my AMG feel much more sportscar-like and responsive."

Prices range from $4995 for V8 AMG models to $7995 for SLR and tuned 65 series AMGs.

for specific model availability.

December 12, 2008


That is Jeremy Clarkson (of Top Gear fame) driving the SLR McLaren 722GT in anger around a UK test track - all in good fun and part of the Jezzer's exotic-car DVD, "Thriller".

As you know, this video is especially relevant to RENNTECH fans since RENNTECH is the official US sales and support center for the SLR.Club and the SLR 722GT. You can read more about that HERE and HERE. You can also CLICK HERE to find Clarkson's Thriller DVD on


December 9, 2008


--- from Autoblog, CLICK HERE for original article.

John Neff writes: We've seen so many spy shots of the upcoming 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class that these official images hardly move us. Yet here they are, (grainy) images leaked onto the web that reportedly reveal the final production form of the 2010 E-Class, which makes its official debut in January.


RENNTECH has made some changes to its Bentley product offerings with the addition of an ECU software for the Bentley Continental and Flying Spur GT Speed models. The new ECU upgrade boosts horsepower from the stock Speed GT's 600hp to 640hp and 575 lb-ft of torque.

5400 US - Continental GT
5800 US - Continental GT Speed

Contact RENNTECH for more, or CLICK HERE for RENNTECH's complete line of Bentley upgrades.

December 8, 2008


RENNTECH's eBay store - where RENNTECH parts manager Scott Strigl posts new old-stock and used OE take-off parts - was recently awarded a turquoise star for 100 % positive feedback!

Congratulations, Scott! Keep up the good work!

CLICK HERE to visit the RENNTECH eBay store.

December 5, 2008


Mercedes had a bit of a surprise in store for the press guys who made it out to the GLK press launch in Santa Barbara, California: Hartmut Feyhl and his (award winning!) RENNTECH GLK 350 Spec.R Hybrid rally racer was there waiting for them! Feyhl cranked up the GLK and gave the throttle a few blips to show off the incredible sound the RENNTECH machine makes before leaving the Canary hotel to take part in the Santa Barbara press drive.

All of this, of course, was part of RENNTECH's prize for winning the Mercedes-Benz 2008 SEMA Tuner Build-Off competition, which included a 45-day build and 30 days of campaigning for votes from friends, fans, and family.

Thanks again, to everyone who voted!


--- from Left Lane News, CLICK HERE for original article.

With car shoppers showing an increased interest in premium compact vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is said to be revisiting its SLA Concept, which was shown at the Detroit auto show in 2000. CEO Dieter Zetsche is reportedly considering building a new roadster model inspired by the concept and based on the A-Class platform.

December 4, 2008


Just a few pics of the RENN's GLK - from Ree Bisaccio at MBUSA.

Thanks, again!

December 2, 2008


After an intense, 45-day build and grueling 30 days of campaigning for votes from friends, family, and total strangers, Mercedes-Benz announced that RENNTECH has won the MBUSA GLK tuner build-off!

The competition wasn't easy, with BLVD Customs' strong GLK "Urban Whip" roadster and Brabus' slick "Widestar" each swapping positions with RENNTECH for the lead throughout. At the end of the day, however, Mercedes acknowledged that RENNTECH's sweeping program of upgrades - which included extensive engine mods, software development, aerodynamic bodywork, suspension and brake upgrades, as well as converting the GLK to hybrid drive - pushed RENNTECH's GLK 350 Spec.R Rally Racer "over the edge".

RENNTECH would like to thank all our friends and sponsors (listed, below), this build would not have been possible without you.

Thanks for all your support!

Special thanks to ...

- Nitto tire
- Seibon carbon
- 3M
- Optima batteries
- Schroth racing
- Goff's curtain walls
- Platune design
- JRD tuning
- Technicar
- Graphic Reproduction