December 19, 2008


For the Mercedes /AMG-enthusiast who has it all, RENNTECH has announced a new line of limited-slip differentials just in time for the holidays.

Founded by ex-AMG technical director Hartmut Feyhl, RENNTECH has built a solid reputation by delivering useable, real-world performance since 1989, and these new diffs (a RENNTECH-only component produced by OS Giken) continue RENNTECH's nearly 20-year tradition of tuning excellence.

"This new differential is very unique, and different from anything that has been available up to now," explains Feyhl. "First, the OS Giken diff. is a true 100% locking differential, and because it uses significantly more friction surfaces internally, there is a very smooth transmission of power to the inside wheel at the track with virtually no noise and chatter on the road."

RENNTECH's new rear differentials are based on OS Giken's line of Super-Lock LSD, which functions as a traditional open diff. in low and normal-load situations, transforming smoothly into a 100% fully locking diff. as loads rise. Hartmut raves about the new unit, calling it "the smoothest and quietest limited-slip I have ever driven - very much like factory. This diff. makes my AMG feel much more sportscar-like and responsive."

Prices range from $4995 for V8 AMG models to $7995 for SLR and tuned 65 series AMGs.

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