February 27, 2024

RENNtech Builds World Record AMG GT63 S Edition 1

Is there a better way to celebrate the 35th Anniversary year than setting a new record?
Not if you are RENNtech.

The AMG GT63S Edition 1 is back - and faster than ever.

Early February 2024, the owner of Graphite Magno Edition 1 AMG GT63S that we first wrote about in June of 2023, sent us pictures of his new yellow graphics and custom magnesium wheels along with a enthusiastic note.

👍WOW, this car you did for me is different than anything I’ve ever owned. I just took her out for a run and it did a 4.92 second 60-130 time. That’s more than a second faster than last May.

The email came from long-time owner who prides himself on buying high end Mercedes vehicles, customizing their look and maximizing their performance. He chose RENNtech with the goal to own the fastest AMG GT63S on the planet, and the attached screen captures proved it. Mission accomplished.

The attached image contained Dragy results showing a ¼ mile time of 9.79 seconds. This was .20 tenths quicker than the run recorded last May crushing the prior ¼ mile record of 9.99 seconds. The new time is the fastest time published and recorded for the Mercedes-AMG GT63S 4-door (X290).  To top it off, looking at the Dragy we noticed a "lift" towards the end. Why? “I just didn’t want to push it too hard.

Dragy results show a 9.79 second 133.11 mph quarter mile time - even with a lift of throttle at the end.
The 4.92 second 60 - 130 mph is equal to the fastest supercars in the world.

While the 9.79 time is a record shattering and the fastest ¼ mile on record, the 4.92 second time from 60 mph to 130 mph matches the speed of supercars.  Compare what we have to work with…so we did. Lining it up to a rolling 60 – 130 mph vs. a Ferrari SF90 (4.97 seconds), or the LaFerrari (5 seconds) and they will find how fast it really is. Very Fast.

The results would have been even better from a rolling start, but due to the owner driving the car sparingly, we will have to wait for additional results from his next outing.

So how did we get here? With over four decades dedicated to developing the fastest MB's on the planet, RENNtech leads the field in engineering and development of the highest grade in performance upgrades for Mercedes-Benz AMG and European performance vehicles. The considerable investment of time and resources dedicated to engineering and design delivers rock solid reliability beyond other tuners, at a level that owners of AMG vehicles expect from the factory.

“This car deserves to get the credit for its record setting results, but RENNtech deserves the accolades for the 100's of hours of customized tuning & engineering to get it there. This summer the car was producing over 1000 HP at the wheels even with all the heat and humidity of South Florida. I did not remove any seats, no roll cages, and don’t use E85, methane, nitrous bottles, drag slicks, or any other tricks of the trade to improve times, so I knew it could go even faster when the weather cooled off." 
Said Owner (@ed1t1ongt63s)

AMG GT 63 Edition 1 - DYNO Pull

The all-out AMG GT63 S Edition 1 (X290), that is a one-of-a-kind 1000 WHP family rocket ship with the daily comfort and reliability of a M.B. AMG. During the initial development stage in June, this beast set the record of highest power output measured on RENNtech’s dynometer (video), the first sub 10 second ¼ -mile time, and most powerful AMG GT63 S at that time.

How much faster?

“Good question. I really don’t know.. I have no intention on pushing the limits. Maybe that is question for the next owner, but my hat is off to RENNtech for building this amazing machine for me”.
Said Owner


The underpinnings of the AMG GT63 include RENNtech Stage II Turbo’s, ECU tuning, Carbon Fiber Air Intakes, Intercooler, Downpipes with 200 Cell Catalytic Converters, Stainless Steel Mufflers, High Pressure Fuel system, Transmission (TCU) and Drivetrain (CPC) upgrades. In addition, the custom DYNO tuning in order to optimize the car for ¼ mile runs and launches were done by RENNtech – making this rare AMG GT63S Edition 1 the fastest in the world.