April 26, 2022

Introducing RENNtech Track Series Forged Wheels

AMG GT R with RENNtech Track Series 19 x 10" front and 20 x 12" rear wheels with Satin Titanium finish.

RENNtech RTS Forged Aluminum Wheels are the latest addition to a legendary line of RENNtech performance wheels.

It all starts with an idea: The right wheel for the right situation. RENNtech Track Series wheels exemplify RENNtech's philosophy of bringing Motorsports Technology to the Streets and were created to be the perfect wheel for performance and track driving.

RTS in Machine Black
RTS in Satin Titanium

RENNtech's product development team set out to deliver a track-oriented, light weight forged aluminum wheel featuring innovative technology and sophisticated design. Engineered for rigorous track use, RTS wheels are packed with functional design elements for improve structural integrity and maximum weight reduction. The refined design aesthetic follows the current Mercedes-AMG design language with visual cues to pre-merger AMG, making the RTS a perfectly balanced wheel for driving on track and the streets.

Initial Design Concept: Inspired by AMG heritage
Design Development: 3d CAD model
Design Review: 3d printed prototype
Engineering: Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

After confirming the technical viability, several design concepts were explored, refined, and translated into CAD to create the first 3D printed prototypes for visual reviews. From these prototypes, combined with stringent engineering analysis of the CAD models, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software validation before the final production version emerges for fitment and real-world testing.

Detail: Rigid Spoke Tracer
Detail: Knurled Bead Seat
Detail: Contrast Machined Logo
Detail: Backpad pocketing weight reduction

Rigid Spoke Tracers were incorporated into the spoke profile for improved structural integrity while reducing the overall weight of the wheel. A Reinforced Inner Rim Flange was integrated to better withstand wheel deflection / deformation under high load situations, resulting in improved driving performance and consistency on track.

Aluminum Wheel Casting vs. Flow Formed vs. Forged

RENNtech has strategically partnered with industry leaders Titan 7 Wheels for development and production of the RTS wheel.

"Titan 7's extensive experience in manufacturing track focused wheels combined with their forging expertise and their complete in-house production gives us a high degree of control in the production process. This way we can deliver a wheel of the highest quality and consistency that RENNtech is known for, and our customers have come to expect." said Hartmut Feyhl, President RENNtech Inc.

Each wheel starts out as a solid cylinder of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. These cylinders are pressurized with 10,000 tons of pressure to improve the grain structure and overall properties of the aluminum to obtain the wheels initial shape and dimensions. The result is a CNC machine ready forging which features no porosity and a densely organized micro structure for an incredibly strong and lightweight wheel.

AMG E63 with 20' RTS in Satin Titanium
AMG E63 with 20" RTS in Satin Titanium

Launched for AMG GT (190) -series and AMG E63 (213), additional model fitments will follow in the coming months. The wheels are available in two finishes, Machine Black or Satin Titanium, along with two RENNtech Design center caps or OEM MB AMG center caps. The RTS wheels are covered by a lifetime structural warranty, allowing you to enjoy the groundbreaking performance of your Mercedes-AMG with confidence, on track and on the streets. 

2022 AMG GT with RENNtech Track Series 19 x 9.5" front and 20 x 11.5" rear wheels in Satin Titanium.

Center Cap V1 in Machine Black
Center Cap V2 in Machine Black

RTS in Satin Titanium with OEM MB center cap.