March 13, 2017

Mercedes-Benz USA Toolbox-Van Concept by RENNtech

After the enormous success of the Sprinter Extreme Concept at the 2016 Chicago Auto-Show, MBUSA teamed up on another collaboration with RENNtech, Mercedes-AMG’s elite high-performance tuner. After turning a Sprinter into a Hulk like Monster, RENNtech has transformed the Metris Worker Van into a fully functional Toolbox on wheels.

In 2015, Mercedes-Benz Vans USA started their Upfitter Program ‘Master Solutions’ in the United States. Customers can customize the Sprinter and Metris Worker Vans to meet a variety of vocations, depending on if they are an electrician, carpenter or food delivery service.

To perfectly showcase the possibilities of their new program, MBUSA Vans turned yet again to their high-performance tuner and custom concept specialist RENNtech. By developing a fully integrated opening within the driver side and fitting an electronic actuated clamshell door into the Metris Van, RENNtech unveils the versatile interior of the rear cargo area. The vast side-opening creates an easy to see showcase of all the details and shelving units by the two selected Upfitter companies; Ranger Design and Sortimo by Knapheide.

The exterior design of this concept van is heavily inspired by an actual Toolbox. Added to the roof of the vehicle is an enormous handle, which gives you the perception that you could just pick it up and carry it away to your next job site. The 3D-style wrap in addition to the structural cladding features attached to the outside, visually transforms the vehicle into a van-sized Toolbox.

In the interior, the Toolbox concept received ambient light to showcase the customized shelving units and the highly durable floor structure.

The Mercedes-Benz USA Toolbox Van concept by RENNtech was unveiled at North America’s largest automotive exhibition, the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. The Toolbox Van Concept will also be shown at The Work Truck Show, Indianapolis in March 2017 and the New York International Auto Show in April 2017.