June 6, 2024

RENNtech Extended Protection Plan Eliminates Factory Warranty Worries after Performance Tuning


Stop worrying about voiding your factory warranty.

RENNtech Mercedes, AMG, Aston Martin, and Sprinter tuning enthusiasts protect their investment with our Extended Protection Plan, and don’t worry that a dealer may deny factory warranty claims due to RENNtech performance upgrades. This transferrable, comprehensive service contract covers powertrain repairs for the duration of the factory 48-month/50,000-mile warranty after installation of our HHT, Stage I Turbo, or Stage II Turbo if Mercedes-Benz USA or its dealer denies warranty repairs due to these aftermarket modifications.*

Save money by purchasing a RENNtech Extended Protection Plan during the first 30 days of product purchase. You may purchase a plan later, but there will be a surcharge. The RENNtech Extended Protection Plan is only available for select Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter, and Aston Martin models. See if your vehicle qualifies and get a personalized quote now.


  • Does installation of RENNtech aftermarket parts and performance tuning void a factory warranty?
  • Why you shouldn’t count on the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act to protect your investment.
  • Why you should choose RENNtech for your Mercedes-Benz tuning, not just any tuning shop.
* Get a quote to see complete RENNtech Extended Protection Plan Terms and Conditions