June 18, 2024

A Game-Changer for Family Haulers:

    When you think of family haulers, the term high performance might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Typically, these vehicles prioritize space and comfort over thrilling speed and agility. However, the GL 63 AMG may count as an exception. The GL 63 AMG in stock form is an impressive piece of machinery, but when paired with RENNtech upgrades, it transforms into a SUV that redefines the capabilities of a heavy-weight family vehicle.

    A testament to all out performance engineering, the M157 V8 BiTurbo engine a infuses daily driving with a pleasing rumble of a big V8 —turning school drop off's and office runs into more than just driving.

RENNtech HHT Tuner box
  The RENNtech ECU+ Upgrade is the initial step for upgrading the GL 63 AMG. Increasing power by an impressive +95 HP and torque by +111 lb-ft, this upgrade lifts the vehicle's stock performance from 574 HP and 623 LB-FT to a remarkable 669 HP and 734 LB-FT. 

    The ECU+ Upgrade unlocks more of the M157's potential, ensuring the near 6000 lbs of Mercedes-Benz feels lighter on its feet. The Hand Held Tuner flashes RENNtech Developed tune to the engine's electronic control unit (ECU), with in 90 seconds. The same module can be used to flash the vehicle back to stock, whenever taking the vehicle in for service - or wanting a reminder on what stock feels like.

    This results in faster acceleration and a more responsive driving experience, improving the GL 63 AMG performance figures - from 0 - 60 and rolling 60 - 100 mph pulls.

    RENNtech's transmission software upgrade improves the transmission of the increased engine performance to the wheels. The Transmission upgrade results in enhanced shift response, optimized shift timing, and an ability to handle more torque, ensuring that the newfound power is efficiently transferred to the ground. This not only improves overall drivability but also significantly reduces 0-60 times.

    While performance is crucial, comfort and versatility are equally important for a family vehicle. The RENNtech V3 Digital Suspension Lowering Module addresses these aspects with finesse. Compatible with both Airmatic and ABC (Hydraulic) Suspensions, this module allows users to take control over the SUV's ride height, adjustable in precise 1mm increments. 

The speed-dependent lowering function returns the vehicle to its factory ride height at a pre-set speed, preserving comfort on long drives while maintaining a lowered stance at lower speeds. The best part? The installation is fully reversible, and no alignment is needed after lowering, ensuring the GL 63's long-term durability.

With RENNtech's suite of upgrades, makes the X166 -chassis GL 63 AMG a versatile powerhouse, ready to tackle any family adventure for many years to come. Whether it's grocery runs, school pickups, or weekend getaways, this SUV now offers the perfect blend of performance and style, combined with comfort and practicality that families crave.

Through RENNtech's commitment to excellence and precision engineering, turning your GL 63 AMG into the ultimate family hauler is just a click away; experience the thrill for yourself by exploring RENNtech's exclusive upgrades today!