August 16, 2018

RENNtech sets record for fastest Mercedes on the Nordschleife

Flugplatz (“air field”), Schwedenkreuz (“Swedish cross”), Fuchsröhre (“foxhole”), Karussell (“carousel”) – the sections of the legendary Nurburgring-Nordschleife are well known to motorsports fans and track day enthusiasts around the world. No other race-track is more demanding, nowhere else can car and driver reach their limits as on this 20,832 km road-course. Therefore, record breaking attempts are virtually an everyday occurrence. The AMG specialists from RENNtech, conveniently located at the Nürburgring, were now able to set the record for the fastest street-legal Mercedes with their AMG GT R.
The result is 7:04 minutes for a whole lap around the Nordschleife – or respectively 6:50 minutes for those measuring BTG (Bridge to Gantry).
With this time, the AMG GT R upgraded by RENNtech undercut the 7:11 minutes of the stock vehicle by a whopping seven seconds, despite not having a clear track. This ranks the RENNtech AMG GT R within a top three spot among the current list of the Sport Auto magazine (Porsche 911 GT2 RS: 6:58 min., Porsche 911 GT3 RS 7:05 min.).

This goal was accomplished in part by enhancing the performance to 760 HP, with the RENNtech R760 package. The R760 package includes not only software adjustments on the engine and transmission control units, but also self-developed turbochargers and in-house manufactured downpipes, as well as RENNtech blow-off-valve adapters.

As known before, the brakes are a weak point on the factory vehicle. RENNtech improved the setup with their own track package; including lightweight two-piece brake discs with stainless steel sport brake lines (TÜV certified), special racing brake fluid and a plug-and-play ventilation kit made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Last but not least, the car shown in the video is equipped with a suspension kit developed by Bilstein exclusively for RENNtech. The new suspension, combined with Michelin Cup2 ZP tires, enables overall noticeably faster speeds in corners on this in parts very uneven course.
At the wheel of the so-called “Beast of the Green Hell” during the record-breaking run was the young Swede Andreas Simonsen. His name is familiar to anyone interested in motor sports thanks to his frequent races in the VLN endurance races and the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring. Simonsen’s own racing team uses an AMG GT4 racecar in Scandinavia.

Despite breaking the record, RENNtech is still hungry for success. “That’s not enough for us. We are currently working on several intelligent technical solutions to unlock even more hidden potential of the AMG GT R. Therefore, there are still a few seconds left to be squeezed out of car. Even now the car is already on route for a time of 6:50,” says RENNtech Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Lukas Domogalla.
The video of the record-breaking run on the Nordschleife in the RENNtech AMG GT R can be watched with the following link:

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