July 2, 2018

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Supercar for the Track!

When Mercedes and McLaren combined their efforts in the early 2000’s to create a true supercar, they competed with two of the – until today – most iconic models, which created the definition “supercar”. Porsche’s Carrera GT and Ferrari’s Enzo.

With the Carrera GT and the Enzo reaching stratospheric values, the SLR McLaren is just as legendary as his two competitors. Powered by one of AMG’s most vigorous and most reliable engines, their 5.5L supercharged V8 – best known as the ’55 AMG Kompressor’. This for the SLR evolved M113 engine produced up to 617 HP and 580 LB-FT from the factory.

The design team took their inspiration from the historic Mercedes-Benz 300SLR race car and created the unmistakable front end with the legendary nose design. This design allowed the driver to be placed behind the engine, while the engine itself is still mounted behind the front wheel. Therefore, the SLR McLaren is defined as a Mid-Engine car while the driver gets a unique perspective and seating experience for a supercar. In memory of Mercedes’s legendary gullwing doors, the SLR McLaren was equipped with Mercedes-Benz unique scissor style doors, just in case you need that extra bit of attention.

But the design aspect was not the only area where the SLR excelled. Upgraded by RENNtech with their R3 Package the SLR McLaren reached up to 752 HP and 745 LB-FT. RENNtech then took the SLR McLaren to their backyard, Palm Beach International Raceway and cemented their status as the world’s leading Mercedes-Benz tuner. With a time of 9.76 seconds @ 140.8mph through the 1/4Mile, the RENNtech R3 SLR McLaren set the record for the World’s Fastest street legal Mercedes.

So even though the Carrera GT or the Ferrari Enzo might be mentioned ahead of the SLR McLaren, the Mercedes is just as iconic in design and iconic status as his supercar brothers. When you take all of them on the track however, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren will show his Bro’s why it’s the real Supercar on the track, if they can keep up…