August 5, 2008


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AutomotiveTraveler is making its weekly rounds in California desert, hunting down vehicles as they undergo extreme hot weather testing in one of the world's most punishing environments. This time we caught a caravan of Mercedes engineers on their lunchbreak, and of all the fine dining establishments available in the region, our friends from Stuttgart chose to dine at Mickey D's. Next time, try Tokyo House Japanese Restaurant down the street; from our our past visits to the California high desert we can tell you that the lunch specials are the best in town.

Today we were rewarded with not just a Big Mac, but with these glimpses of a heavily disguised Mercedes-Benz. At first glance we thought might have been a CLS-style 4-door coupe version of the current C-Class, but it is in reality, the next CLK. Judging by the effort that they've taken to cover the C-pillar and rear-wheel arch, it appears they're doing their best to make it look like they are disguising a rear door and applying a CLS-style four-door sport sedan treatment to the smaller C-Class platform. But that just fooled us at first. We tip our hat to the team in Germany that fabricated the rear camo package.