August 6, 2008


Based on RENNTECH's popular "Monolite" 10-spoke design, the new Signature wheels are available in chrome, anodized "Sniper Gray", and a unique brushed satin finish. "The satin finish is really something," offers Hartmut Feyhl, president of RENNTECH and ex technical director at AMG North America. "This is not the same brushed look you see on mass-produced products. It is actually a ceramic clearcoat that brings out alot of depth in the metal - you can only do a finish like this on a true forged wheel. The effect is very dynamic in different light, and a little hard to capture on camera."

RENNTECH uses the term "true forged" to help separate their wheels from other maker's "forged" offerings. "In many cases," explains Feyhl "these wheel-makers use a forged 'blank' or 'center', then use a CNC machine to cut out a pattern. Cutting the blank eliminates many of the strength benefits of forging. Our wheel is a true forged wheel, and comes out of the forge already with RENNTECH's signature 10-spoke design."

At around 28 lbs., RENNTECH's Signature wheels reduce unsprung weight compared to OE wheels, improving the car's handling and contributing positively to ride quality as well - keeping true to RENNTECH's motto of "performance without compromise". RENNTECH is also quick to point out that reduced weight and superior dynamic qualities are not the only benefits of his new wheels - they are significantly stronger than than stock wheels, which is especially important for drivers who participate in trackday events.

Production of RENNTECH's Signature wheel is very limited, so customers can be certain that, even in markets like Miami Beach or Beverly Hills, their wheels will stand out as something special.

Available in 20" sizes for SL and CLS. Also available in 20", 21", and 22" sizes for S, CL, and ML/GL class Mercedes /AMG cars.