November 27, 2023

Best sounding upgrade for BiTurbo V8 Mercedes-AMG

RENNtech Stainless Steel Downpipes for M177 V8 BiTurbo Engines.

The amount of sound a vehicle makes is mostly dependent on the flow of the exhaust system, which can be broken into three main parts; Headers/Downpipes, Mid-Pipe, and Mufflers/Resonators.

Downpipes are the "hot-end" in turbo-charged exhaust systems. They connect the exhaust manifold to the pipes that lead exhaust gasses down through the catalytic converters toward the mufflers and out exhaust tips.

The Headers / Downpipes are the first point in the flow and sound of exhaust. The factory Mercedes-Benz AMG catalytic converters are designed capture harmful particles and to meet global emissions regulations. For most part the AMG exhaust systems have good flowing cats as they know less restrictive means better MPG and reduced emissions.  

RENNtech stainless steel downpipes are equipped with 200 Cell Catalytic Converters, which capture the same particles as stock set. RENNtech downpipes are designed for motorsport applications, maximizing the power and performance of the engine. The robust exhaust note and no Check Engine Light is the cherry on top, making the system a favorite of AMG owners. 

Downpipes and headers are custom built by our in house fabrication department at RENNtech's headquarters in Stuart, FL. Available for most Mercedes-Benz AMG models, the downpipes are the best solution for those looking for a little bit more from their car.