February 1, 2016

RENNtech Strut Brace and Boost Pressure Gauge | CLA | A | GLA

RENNtech just released their Carbon Fiber Front Strut Brace and Boost Pressure Gauge.
Both parts fit the 45 AMG Line-Up. The 117 - CLA, 176 - A and 156 GLA.

The Boost pressure gauge offers direct visual indication of your CLA's turbo performance and available boost pressure. Our easy to ready, 67mm gauge faces features an attractive carbon composite look and mounts directly into your CLA dash without cutting or drilling. 
The gauge is available in both PSI and BAR readings with large, easy to read numbers in all lighting conditions and features a white illuminated background for low lighting.

The construction on the Carbon Fiber Strut BRace features include reinforced eight point mounting brackets made out of aluminium. The customized crossbar is made out of high-performance carbon fiber to minimize flexing between the vehicles strut towers. Titanium bolts are used to mount the Strut Brace to the top of the strut towers.

Product Page Boost Gauge
Product Page Strut Brace