February 15, 2016

Product Release | C190 – AMG GT-S | Stage I Turbo Upgrade | Coil-Over Suspension

RENNtech is proud to announce the release of their latest performance upgrades for the Mercedes-Benz C190 – AMG GT-S. The RENNtech Stage I Turbocharger Upgrade and Coil-Over Suspension are now available.
These performance products have endured thousands of test miles at both of RENNtech’s Headquarters in the United States and Germany. Now the Stage I turbo upgrade completed its final testing on the world’s most demanding race circuit, the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. The upgraded turbochargers for AMG’s 4.0L V8 BiTurbo engine feature lightweight billet compressor wheels and larger impellers. The compressor housings are precision CNC machined and flow tested to compensate for the increased impeller size. In combination with the R1 Performance Package, which includes Stainless Steel Downpipes w/ 200 Cell Catalytic Converters and High-Flow Air Filters, the RENNtech Stage I Turbo will add up to 180 HP and 161 LB-FT over measured stock performance. This brings the AMG GT-S power output up to 716 HP and 656 LB-FT.
Ensuring all the power from RENNtech’s performance upgrades is transmitted to the road, RENNtech developed a suspension kit to improve both vehicle handling and performance. The four-corner suspension kit allows full ride height adjustability and lowering of up to 1.5” for the front and rear. The combination of the RENNtech coil-over suspension with the OEM dampers gives the AMG GT-S performance handling without losing the daily-driver comfort and keeping the OEM electronic damper control retained.

The RENNtech Stage I Turbo Charger is available for $11,880. Price includes the required ECU Upgrade.

The RENNtech Coil-Over Suspension kit is available for $1,980.