January 10, 2023

RENNtech x Öhlins: Performance for Mercedes-Benz AMG G -class

The previous W463 G-class gained great popularity in North America and remains a bastion on the luxury SUV market three decades after its 1990 debut. The iconic design combined with Mercedes-Benz reliability has made the early G’s highly sought after on the secondary market. However, the military-purpose chassis design does have serious limitations when it comes to road handling and modern-day traffic at high speeds. 

Working together with Öhlins, the engineers at RENNtech set out to create the best possible two-way adjustable suspension for the G Wagen. Utilizing Öhlins’ patented STX-technology for a smoother, more controlled, and enjoyable ride, the goal was to improve on the handling without sacrificing offroad capabilities or comfort. 

The new suspension offers individual compression and rebound adjustments which allows the driver to tailor the ride quality to their specific needs and style of driving. Whether commuting along highways or back roads, the suspension provides superior ride quality under all conditions. 

The kit is based on the proven Öhlins 16/46 shock absorbers and is designed for original ride height using OEM springs. Tested over thousands of miles of different road types and surfaces, RENNtech has created recommended settings for off-road and on-road comfort, delivering highest possible performance and modern driving feel for the 1990 – 2018 W436 G-Class. 

  • Fitment Mercedes-Benz AMG W463 G-Wagen MY 1990 – 2018
  • Öhlins ORQ 16/46 Off-Road technology
  • 46mm piston for best performance - comfort and chassis control
  • Separate compression and rebound damping adjustment
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Two way adjustability – compression and rebound damping forces
  • Piggy Back reservoir on the cord
  • Dust covers
  • Works with original springs
  • Possible modification of the shock absorber for increased suspension travel
  • Serviceability
  • Corrosion resistance (ISO 9227)
RENNtech x Öhlins Shock Absorber for Mercedes-Benz G Wagen.

Öhlins’ patented STX-technology.
Quick two-way adjustability.