May 10, 2022

The Ultimate Black Series: 1066 HP AMG GT Black Series R3


Loaded with motorsport derived solutions, the 2021 AMG GT Black Series is arguably the most track focused road vehicle from Mercedes-Benz AMG since the (homologated) street version of the CLK GTR in 1998.

Continuing the Black Series legacy from where the 2013 SLS Black Series left off, the AMG GT Black Series satisfies the high demand for track-oriented machines built for Club Racing. Lighter and faster, with wider track width, revised body work, larger grille, integrated air extractors within the hood and front fenders, manually adjustable front splitter, and the massive dual-plane rear wing are derived from AMG’s successes with the GT -chassis in GT3 and GT4 racing. 

Track derived performance and racing heritage: AMG GT 3 and CLK GTR at RENNtech 

In Europe the Black Series is offered with track driving options such as a rollbar, four-point seatbelts for driver and passenger, and a fire extinguisher, upgrades that RENNtech has been quick to introduce to the North American market.

RENNtech’s Roll Bar is made to order at their Head Quarters in Stuart, FL, and can be color matched to the vehicle and fitted with Sabelt or Schroth harnesses. The all new RENNtech Track Series forged high-performance aluminum wheels were designed specifically for the AMG GT -series (C/R 190 chassis) and offer owners a track focused and stylish alternative to the OEM wheels. 

 RENNtech Track Series Forged Wheels in Machine Black.

On the power side, RENNtech’s Hand Held ECU Tuner  instantly produces an additional 99 HP and 95 LB-FT, bumping the AMG GT Black Series up to 843 HP and 739 LB-FT.  If that is not enough, the R3 -upgrade delivers an mind-blowing 1066 HP and 831 LB FT running on 93 octane pump gas, making the AMG GT Black Series RENNtech R3 the most powerful Black Series in the world. 

At the heart of the R3 -upgrade is a set of larger and more capable Turbo’s, a set of Stainless Steel DownpipesBlow Off Valves, and BMC Airfilters for improved exhaust sound and flow. To control the power increase, RENNtech has developed a TCU- tune (Transmission Control Unit) for faster and more firm shifts while increasing the torque capacity of the Mercedes-AMG 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The addition of the Stainless Steel Downpipes and Electronic Valve Module (EVM) improves the sound of the M178 V8, and fills the cabin with a raw and unrestricted sound punctuated with the occasional down-shift crackle. 

Four generations of RENNtech Black Series; AMG GT, SLS, SL, and CLK

Acceleration and throttle response is fast throughout the entire powerband, restricted only by the amount of open road and grip from 335 wide Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R rear tires.

Launching the R3 from a standstill with ESP off and TC settings dialed in, the car rips at the ground like a beast, roaring to 60 mph in 3 seconds or less. Rolling at 75 mph and flooring it, the R3 makes an immediate downshift and whips the tach toward the 7,200 RPM redline without lag. Hold it, and the AMG GT will hit 150 mph in 5th gear before continuing a relentless thrust toward the 219 mph (hypothetical) top speed like a fighter jet.

The result is an AMG GT Black Series where all parts have been improved in the name of driving performance. Under normal driving conditions around town the RENNtech R3 handles easy and is as compliant a GT C or GT R. Push it and the power arrives like artillery fire, heightening all senses and delivering an exceptionally engaging driving experience.

The R3 -upgrade is now available through RENNtech and official dealers across the United States, Europe, and Middle East. 

RENNtech is the leading performance tuner of AMG Black Series. 

RENNtech Roll-Bar for AMG GT -series vehicles.

From Track to Street: 1998 CLK GTR 

SLS Black Series RENNtech R1