April 6, 2018

RENNtech’s Resto Mod | 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL500

A Resto Mod is a blend of old and new technology. This 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL500 RENNtech has been fully restored, maintaining the original classic styling while adding the latest technological advances in performance and comfort.

On the outside this classic roadster received new custom metallic dark grey paint, an AMG aero package straight from the factory, and custom RENNtech wheels.

 On the inside is where the real fun begins! The ’98 SL500 motor has been bored out 4 mm to 100 mm and stroked to 94.8mm transforming the old 5.0L powerhouse into 6.0 liters. For optimum results a Bosch Engine Management System was installed together with a handmade wire harness for the engine.  Software application and programing of the ignition and fuel required the tedious, time consuming process of working from the ground up.  RENNtech engineered a custom intake manifold which was handmade by its highly talented fabricators, as well as all the necessary pipes and hoses, for the installation of 2 twin Borg Warner turbos.  400 plus fabrication hours later the custom exhaust and intake along with a water to air intercooling system complete with a heat exchanger lowered in the middle of the V fit perfectly.

To support the extreme power increase, both the chassis and driveline had to be reinforced.  The convertible’s inherently soft chassis was upgraded to be stiffer for better handling, on a par with todays’ convertible.   A limited slip differential was added for handling to also improve handling and traction. the transmission was reinforced to handle additional power. This SL500 is equipped with a fully adjustable sport suspension package allowing for the perfect ride height and damper settings in any environment. Finally, the unique custom ceramic brake package designed, engineered and tested to work with the proper balance for the vehicle to manage the increase in speed and performance.
Measuring 415 HP/ 400 LB-FT TQ at the wheel and 501 HP / 482 LB-FT TQ at the crank, this resto mod is certainly measuring up to today’s modern roadster.

1998 Mercedes-Benz SL500
Physical Modifications
Fully Restored
Custom Metallic Grey Paint
AMG Aero Package
Custom RENNtech Wheels
Performance Modifications
Carbon Ceramic Brakes
Fully Adjustable Custom Sport Suspension Package
Chassis Reinforcements
Reinforced Driveline
Limited Slip Differential
Converted from 5.0L to 6.0L
2 Twin Borg Warner Turbos
Custom RENNtech Exhaust and Intake
Intercooler Upgrade
Bosch Engine Management System
Performance Figures
415 HP/ 400 TQ at Wheel
501 HP/ 482 TQ at Crank