July 10, 2008


We should start off by explaining that these photos simply do not do this car justice. The silver metallic paint picked up blues form the sky, grays from the building, reds from the neighboring Smart car ... just gorgeous.

Probably of more interest than the well-documented beauty of the w216 chassis CL is what, exactly, RENNTECH has done to this particular car. In this case, RENNTECH's technicians upgraded the CL65's ECU and transmission control software before adding a new RENNTECH intercooler package and carbon fiber airbox/engine cover.

Aesthetically, the car is lowered over RENNTECH's 20" Signature series performance wheels using RENNTECH's remote-controlled digital lowering module. Inside, TECHNICAR of West Palm Beach seamlessly integrated a Valentine One radar/lidar detector and enabled some hidden features in the OE unit.